Owner meetings and seminars

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Owner meetings and seminars

We offer you the place where you can hold your owner's meeting or conference in peace. MEETINGS CONFERENCES - IN PERFECT ENVIRONMENT KNOW KNOW-HOW UPDATES AND CONTACTS A successful conference always fulfills several purposes. On the one hand, up-to-date specialist knowledge is imparted and discussed; on the other hand, participants can establish or deepen valuable contacts. Of course, this succeeds particularly well if the framework conditions for the conference are "right". The space in which the content work takes place, should allow a concentrated discussion, the conference technology must work properly and the coffee breaks are very happy to a small, but fine culinary break. SEMINARS SEMINARS - KNOW KNOWLEDGE AND KNOW WHERE THE BEST IS Lifelong learning is more important today than ever. So that this insight not only rewrites a necessity, but also makes it a little fun, a surprising, positive framework should be chosen for seminars. The word "seminar room" can usually cause violent defensive reactions. However, this does not happen if the restaurant StrandLust and his team are involved in the preparations. On the contrary - the follow-up seminar will be booked out at lightning speed.  The basic equipment of the locations includes the following equipment:   canvas projector DVD TV with big screen Sound system in the fireplace hall   So much for the standard. Of course, we will do our utmost to support hosts who also require additional conference technology and try to put into practice all the wishes that can be fulfilled. We are happy to inform you during a non-binding consultation. We can also help you with the arrangement of rooms! Please contact us.

StrandLust Wangerooge

Obere Strandpromenade 2726486 Wangerooge auf der Promenade im KaiserhofPhone +49 4469 6539033Email info@strandlust-wangerooge.de

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